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The Smart Steamer Lid Lifetime Warranty

Smart Steamer Lid comes with a lifetime warranty that covers manufacturing defects and/or breakage under normal wear and tear.

Should you have an issue with your Smart Steamer Lid, please contact us to get questions answered, and/or have your product replaced at no charge.

Lifetime Warranty Information

The Smart Steamer Lid is guaranteed for the life of the product, and will be replaced at no charge if one or more of the following criteria is met: 
  • If The Smart Steamer Lid has broken or
  • Is found to be inoperable due to normal wear and tear
  • Or a manufacturing flaw prevents The Smart Steamer Lid from normal operation


Please send us a couple of pictures of the problem with your Smart Steamer Lid and your address and we will send you a replacement Smart Steamer Lid with no questions asked.
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