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The Science of Healthy Cooked Food

Sometimes we cook because we enjoy the process, sometimes to make good food softer and more digestible, sometimes to make it safe for us to eat, oftentimes because we enjoy the results.

Whichever is the driving force, keeping as many vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in the food during the cooking process should be top of mind.
These elements power our essential development, from growth to reproduction and maintaining a healthy body and energy levels.

So when we cook, we need to do it in a way that will retain as much natural goodness in our food as possible.

Using Steam to Retain the Natural Flavour

We often cook vegetables by boiling them in a pan of water. This causes much of the goodness to leach out into the water during the cooking process. The vegetables will inevitably lose some of their essential minerals and vitamins on the way to your plate. 

They may even lose some shape and colour, making them less appealing to eat, less tasty and less filling.

Whilst you can recapture some of the nutrients by using the cooking water for sauces and gravies, those in the steam are lost forever, perhaps transferred instead to an oily film on your walls and kitchen cupboards.
The Smart Steamer Lid cooks in a vacuum and the steam created within the saucepan is not allowed to escape, locking in the vitamins and minerals which normally escape when food is boiled or steamed in traditional ways.

The vacuum creates a steam environment in which food is cooked more quickly with minimal loss of vitamins and minerals.

Cooking our food properly shows respect for our food and our bodies. The Smart Steamer Lid gives you the confidence to know that your cooking will deliver the maximum nutritional value, vitamin and mineral content.
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