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Perfect Fluffy Rice – Time after Time

Anyone who Googles "How to cook rice" will receive 74 million results with each recipe differing in some way or another. Even if you look at the cooking directions on store bought rice, they are all different from one brand to the next. The Smart Steamer Lid provides users with a scientifically proven tool to produce perfect rice, just the way you like it: Time after Time.

Rice represents the staple food for billions of people around the world and is enjoyed by further billions as a regular complement to their meal. Relatively cheap and highly nutritious, it supplies energy, complex carbohydrates, fibre, vitamins and minerals.
However, if you don’t cook it with precision, it won’t offer the maximum nourishment and nutrition and could even pass through the digestive system without essential nutrients and proteins being absorbed.

Perfected over ten years of research, the Smart Steamer Lid allows you to cook any white rice from Arborio to Basmati for the perfect amount of time, using the right amount of water and keeping the maximum nutrition in the food. Follow our Smart Steamer Lid recipe to consistently get the perfect rice, whether you like it stodgy or fluffy.

Let’s Get Down to the Science

Rice has - until now - been a difficult product to consistently cook well.

Conventional cooking often involves large quantities of water brought to a boil on a high heat and then simmered, wasting time and energy and boiling away nutrition, filling the kitchen with steam and even burning the pan.

Imagine the impact of inappropriate cooking on the rice itself.

The point at which rice is properly cooked is when the starchy part of the grain (amylose) is also present on the surface of the grain. And it’s this starchy part of the grain which is particularly negatively affected by overcooking or under cooking, also affecting the germ inside the endosperm which provides us with antioxidants, vitamins E, B vitamins, proteins, assorted minerals and oils.
If the amylose is overcooked, it quickly destroys the nutritional value of the rice through denaturing vitamin and protein content. The change in molecular structure causes loss of vitamin value and a substantial alteration in the way the protein molecule interacts with our digestive system, making the rice less digestible.

On the other hand, if the rice is undercooked, it will be virtually indigestible and quickly pass through the body.

The starch content of the rice also affects your blood sugar levels because the starch gets converted into sugar as we digest the food. 

Cooking rice properly leads to a lower GI glycaemic index, which means that the sugar is released into the bloodstream gradually over a period of hours rather than in a sudden spike.

Create Your Own Perfect Rice

Our extensive testing has led to the Smart Steamer Lid, with patent and design rights for the product pending or registered in selected countries. It allows you to use only a small amount of water and minimum cooking time to achieve perfect rice time after time.

Use the recipes and instructions here to create your own perfect rice, every time.
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