What is the Smart Steamer Lid


The smart steamer lid is a culinary tool providing users with a foolproof predictive cooking system. This will allow any person to produce wholesome tasty food in a way not achievable in a regular saucepan until now. This innovative product will immediately allow any user to develop an instinctive understanding of the cooking process, enabling them to cook effortlessly without the fear of failure.


This is the FUTURE of cooking and comes with a LIFETIME product WARRANTY





The smart steamer lid works like a filter, allowing the heat out through the lid but keeping the moisture locked in the pan which is something that no regular saucepan on the market can achieve.


As a result you will now cook with:

Less water in less time using less energy. Saving you time, money and effort every time you cook


The Remarkable Benefits

  • Allows you to cook and experiment without the fear of failure
  • Predictive cooking enabling you to serve quality food on time
  • Delivers evenly cooked perfect food just the way you like it
  • Use builds confidence in your cooking ability
  • Food will taste delicious because the natural flavour is locked in
  • Produces extremely tender meat
  • Will cook the best tasting and healthiest you have ever eaten
  • Excellent for the elderly very easy, and safe to use
  • Locks in vital vitamins, minerals, nutrients and flavour contained in raw foods

TWIN PACK- 20cm and 24cm Smart Steamer Lids

SKU: SMA2024