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Patent technologies

Patent technologies

Intellectual Property The Smart Steamer Lid Ltd

Patent Rights
Country Right Application Number Date Filed
UK Patent GB0815508.7 26 August 2008
UK Patent Application GB1519666.0 6 November 2015
China Patent Application 201510871485.6 2 December 2015
China Utility Model Application 201520985555.6 2 December 2015
Design Rights
Country Right Application Number Date Filed
United States of America (USA) US Design Patent Application 29/519355 4 March 2015
European Union Community Registered Design 002645804-0001 4 March 2015

The Smart Steamer Lid has undergone testing by Smithers RAPRA with the EU Food Contact Testing of Silicone Pressure Lid Proposal NO:132558HG-002RQ Project NO:AX0088 24/03/2015 and was found to be food safe.
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