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How it works

How It Works

Patented and Tested Product, Guaranteed Results

The Smart Steamer Lid was initially designed and patented to be the most efficient stove top rice cooker on the market. 

However, our extensive research and testing has unequivocally proved that its use produces consistently superior results compared to traditional cooking methods when cooking a wide variety of different foods such as meats, poultry, fish, vegetables, beans, grains and eggs.

Less Time and Effort to Cook, More Flavour to Enjoy

Foods cooked using the Smart Steamer Lid maintain their shape, colour, consistency, flavour and, most importantly, their nutritional content and values. 

The time required to cook foods to your personal preference is reduced in most cases by over 50%, saving you time, money and effort - regardless of what food you are cooking.

The single most disastrous event that can occur while cooking is burning or overcooking your food - there is no cure for either of these events. It is a fact that the only way food will burn during cooking is if there is excessive heat and lack of moisture. When cooking with the Smart Steamer Lid, both of these events are virtually impossible.

Less Water, More Steam, Optimum Moisture

The amount of water required to cook a full saucepan of food is also minimal as virtually no moisture is allowed to escape while cooking, making the saucepan lighter, easier and safer to handle. Because steam stays in, it is impossible to burn the contents of the pot through lack of moisture.

The issue of excessive heat causing the burning of food is also overcome by the way the lid controls the temperature inside of the pot while cooking. A minimal amount of water is used to cook the majority of foods, owing to the fact that most foods being cooked contain their own moisture content. 

How Does the Smart Steamer Lid Work?

Understanding the simplicity of how the Smart Steamer Lid works is the key to cooking food just the way you like it. Once you understand the concept, you are free to cook and experiment without the fear of failure.

The Smart Steamer Lid works on the premise that steam is the most effective and healthy method of cooking food but, unlike traditional steaming appliances and methods, the Smart Steamer Lid does not allow the steam to escape during the cooking process. 

Its unique patented design allows heat out but not moisture, locking in the flavour and nutrients which are lost in steam when it is allowed to escape from the pan. 

Controlled and Even Heat Distribution

The water and the food being cooked are placed in the saucepan, then the Smart Steamer Lid is placed on top of the saucepan with the saucepan lid applied on top. High heat is applied only long enough to bring the water in the saucepan to the boil (the water will not boil and produce steam until the water and the food being cooked reach the same temperature, ensuring that the food content is cooked evenly). 

When steam appears from around the lid, the heat source is then turned to the lowest setting. Even on the lowest heat setting, the contents of the saucepan will continue to cook at the optimal temperature of 100 degrees centigrade for the duration of the cooking cycle.

The Smart Steamer Lid creates an environment within the saucepan which no other saucepan and lid can create by themselves. This environment, coupled with the use of considerably less water and energy, promotes the onset of the cooking cycle in a measurably shorter time than traditional cooking methods.

This allows the user to have complete control over the cooking cycle without the fear of ever burning or overcooking their food.

Easy to use – 5 simple steps

  1. Just place 250 ml of cold water in the saucepan with the prepared food.
  2. Place the Smart Steamer Lid on top of the pan and a conventional lid on top of the Smart Steamer Lid
  3. Apply a moderate amount of heat until steam becomes visible from around the lid (this indicates that the entire contents of the pan have got to exactly the same temperature, to ensure evenly cooked food)
  4. At this point, reduce the heat to its minimum setting. You will see the centre of the Smart Steamer Lid then depress, forming a vacuum seal around the pot and keeping the contents of the pan at 100°C with negligible moisture loss for the remainder of the cooking cycle.
  5. Tip: Unlike conventional cooking, once the contents of the pan have reached the optimal temperature, you can turn the heat down to a very low number. If the heat is too high you’ll see more steam escaping round the lid, this is your signal to turn the heat down even lower.
Important Note:
The Smart Steamer Lid works extremely well on hobs that are: Gas, Halogen, Induction and Ceramic. However we do not recommend the lid to be used with old style spiral electric rings, purely because of the difficulty to control the degree of heat necessary to enable the lid to function the way it is designed to work.
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