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Frequently asked questions

Q1: Does the lid have to snuggly fit the saucepan?
A: Yes, to enable the seal between the lid and saucepan, the lid is tailor-made to fit. There are currently two sizes available – 20cm and 24cm.

Q2: What happens if no steam appears?
A: The initial heat applied is too low. Apply a higher heat.

Q3: When I lower the heat the lid does not depress?
A: You are not putting the heat on a low enough setting. Reduce the heat to the lowest setting possible.

Q4: Can all foods be cooked using the Smart Steamer Lid?
A: Yes, although foods such as pasta that require to be submerged in water are less suitable.

Q5: Can the Smart Steamer Lid cooking system be used with all stoves?
A: To enable the lid depression, it must be possible to reduce the applied heat, therefore old electric rings and hot plate stoves are not suitable.

Q6: What happens if I want to add another ingredient later in the cooking cycle?
A: Remove the Smart Steamer and saucepan lids, add new ingredient, replace the Smart Steamer and saucepan lids, add high heat so that steam appears again, then reduce the heat and continue with the cooking cycle as per normal.

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