Frequently asked Questions

QUESTION: What is The smart Steamer Lid?
ANSWER: The Smart Steamer Lid, is a lid that attaches to your existing saucepan.
QUESTION: What does it do?
ANSWER: By adding The Smart Steamer Lid to your existing pan, this will turn your ordinary  saucepan into an energy saving pan, by up to 70% by steaming and not boiling food
QUESTION: How does it work?
ANSWER: The Smart Steamer Lid sits on top of your saucepan whilst cooking on the lowest cooker setting and let's the heat out but not the moisture.
QUESTION: What value does this have?
ANSWER: VALUE 1:- Because your saucepan will not lose so much moisture when cooking, this means that you don't need so much the water to begin with, saving you at least £50% - £70% every time you cook.
See other benefits using you Smart Steamer LId by checking out the videos