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Frequently asked Questions

QUESTION: What is The smart Steamer Lid?
ANSWER: The Smart Steamer Lid, is a lid that attaches to your existing saucepan.
QUESTION: What does it do?
ANSWER: By adding The Smart Steamer Lid to your existing pan, this will turn your ordinary  saucepan into an energy saving pan, by up to 70% by steaming and not boiling food
QUESTION: How does it work?
ANSWER: The Smart Steamer Lid sits on top of your saucepan whilst cooking on the lowest cooker setting and let's the heat out but not the moisture.
QUESTION: What value does this have?
ANSWER: VALUE 1:- Because your saucepan will not lose so much moisture when cooking, this means that you don't need so much the water to begin with, saving you at least £50% - £70% every time you cook.
See other benefits using you Smart Steamer LId by checking out the videos


What is the Smart Steamer Lid?


The smart steamer lid is a culinary tool providing users with a foolproof predictive cooking system. This will allow any person to produce wholesome tasty food in a way not achievable in a regular saucepan until now. This innovative product will immediately allow any user to develop an instinctive understanding of the cooking process, enabling them to cook effortlessly without the fear of failure.


How it works?

The Smart Steamer Lid acts like a filter, allowing heat out through the lid and keeping all the nutrients and moisture locked in.
This is something that the Smart Steamer Lid's PATENTED TECHNOLOGY can achieve that any regular saucepan on the market today cannot.
You will now cook with :Less water, in less time and using less energy saving you time money and effort  every time you cook.
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About The Smart Steamer
Benefits of the Smart Steamer Lid

  • 50% less water  used compaerd to conventional methods

  • Saves over 50% Energy every time you cook than bioling

  • Using less water makes your saucepan lighter to handle

  • Predictive cooking delivers evenly cooked food every time

  • Helps to build your confidence in cooking and in the kitchen

  • Food maintaines colourand form in this cooking environment

  • Locks in vitamins,  minerals, nutrients and flavour which is lost with conventional bioling methods

  • Compatible with Gas, Electric, halogen and induction

  • Diswasher safe

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